Sunday, 12 December 2010

fairyland pukifee bonnie

Well there have been a few new arrivals since I last posted,
I have strayed away from latidoll and have added two new pukifee to my crew.
This is my Totally gorgeous bonnie,
her plate was modded by nya and the stunning faceup is by Luna
Her name is Asrai, didn`t take me long to come up with her name...

Asrai: A water fairy from England . They may sometimes appear as very small humans. The Asrai are known to be exceptionally beautiful and gentle. They only rose from their depths once every hundred years and had to return to their homes before sunrise, else they would waste away. Legend tells of a fisherman that caught one, and despite its cries, was determined to bring it to land. By the time the fisherman made it to shore, the fairies cries had faded and all that was left was a pool of water and a welt on his hands where he had touched the Asrai to tie it up.


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