Sunday, 27 June 2010

lati white sp special edition winter tan arin !!

I am so excited to bring this little beauty home! she should be here in a few days
she is a lati white sp special edition winter tan arin *VERY RARE * eek :o)) .
Thank you catherine x


  1. Ooooh I know you'd been on the lookout for pictures and now you have one! (well almost!)

    I love your lwsp troop and am ever so slightly green with envy. Oh well....we have a new family member arriving too, once the customs folk have their share of the $$ so can't really complain! Must find some more paypal $$ and then we'll be putting a shoe order in with you.

  2. thanks hun , she is very special to me and so rare I haven`t seen another, there was one other on flickr but she was sold last year for all I know this may be her lol... a rare beauty xxx